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Gourmet Incense

Gourmet Incense

Frankincense, Sandalwood and Chai — three exotic scents from Shoyeido designed to inspire the connoisseur in everyone. These are some of our purest and most popular blends. Prepare to be amazed!
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Gourmet Incense Assortment Indulge your senses with some of our purest incense blends. Four sticks each of Gourmet ... 
Item #: 70300
Gourmet Frankincense Shoyeido's Gourmet Frankincense sticks are a great way to set a festive atmosphere in your home. Our special reci... 
Item #: 70301
Gourmet Sandalwood Here's a premium sandalwood incense with a distinctively sultry scent. Pure, smooth and timeless. 
Item #: 70302
Gourmet Chai Shoyeido's Gourmet Chai incense blend summons the alluring fragrance of fine tea: rich and complex — and slightly ... 
Item #: 70303
Gourmet Incense Sampler One stick each of Shoyeido's exotic, tantalizing Gourmet Incense blends — ... 
Item #: 99703